Smart Cities and the rise of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)

The idea of a smart city is founded on the collection and analysis of huge amounts of data. Insights distilled from this “big data” set help to identify cross-functional efficiencies, opportunities for automation and can predict potential problems.  It enables...

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Telensa joins Prime Minister’s trade mission to India

UK Prime Minister Theresa May took examples of the best of British business to India on 6 to 8 November in her first bilateral visit outside Europe since taking office. The Prime Minister spoke at the opening of the India-UK Tech Summit about free trade and the...

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Telensa Named Global #1 in Smart Street Lighting

New report ranks Telensa ahead of Silver Spring, GE, Philips and Echelon, in a vertical IoT market worth $12.6bn by 2026 Smart City Expo, Barcelona & Cambridge, UK – 15th November 2016 - Telensa, the leader in connected street lighting and Smart City applications,...

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