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Telensa delivers a proven business case, with technology that has been tried and tested for over a decade. Streetlight infrastructure provides place, power and connectivity wherever people live, work and travel. This makes streetlights an efficient means to collect, protect and apply data to enhance city life.

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Selected customers
  • Georgia Power, Georgia, US
    369,000 streetlights
  • Essex, UK
    187,000 streetlights
  • Birmingham, UK
    107,000 streetlights
  • Hertfordshire, UK
    101,000 streetlights
  • Suffolk, UK
    84,000 streetlights
  • Leicestershire, UK
    71,000 streetlights
  • Gloucestershire, UK
    68,000 streetlights
  • Warwickshire, UK
    63,000 streetlights
  • Doncaster, UK
    47,000 streetlights
  • Edinburgh, UK
    45,000 streetlights
  • Cambridgeshire, UK
    45,000 streetlights
  • Wellington, NZ
    18,000 streetlights
  • Darwin, AUS
    10,000 streetlights

New Zealand City of Dunedin Selects Telensa to Deliver Smart Street Lighting for 15,000 LEDs

Wireless control system added to Dunedin’s LED street lighting network in New Zealand.

Featured resource

Samsung SDS and Telensa Partner for Smart City Infrastructure and Data Solutions

Smart street lighting, IoT sensors and data trust platform will help cities deploy smart city projects and retain control of their urban data assets

Urban Data Project

Flexible trust infrastructure for cities

The Urban Data Project is a combination of new technology and transparent policies for cities. Collecting, protecting and applying data to improve city living.

Meet us at IES Street and Area Lighting Conference, Sept 22–25, San Diego, CA
Meet us at IES Street and Area Lighting Conference, Sept 22–25, San Diego, CA