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Smart street lighting: mass-scale smart city foundation

Telensa makes wireless smart city applications, helping cities, regional authorities and utilities around the world save energy, work smarter and deliver more joined up services. Telensa PLANet is the world’s most deployed smart streetlight control system, including the world’s largest deployment with a leading US utility. Building on a compelling business case, Telensa provides an open, low cost platform to add multiple sensor applications. Telensa’s LPWA wireless networks simply attach to light poles. They provide wide area coverage in a matter of days and are designed to run reliably for decades.


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Smart city applications

Built on streetlight economics

Telensa has applied its deep understanding of streetlight economics and technology innovation to other smart city applications, to enable today’s pilots to become productive mass-scale deployments.

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Street Lighting

Waste Analytics

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Birmingham UK

100,000 lights

Wellington NZ

18,000 lights

Georgia US

World’s largest smart lighting deployment

Suffolk UK

60,000 lights

Harrisburg US

$510k annual energy savings

Gloucestershire UK

55,000 lights

Hertfordshire UK

100,000+ lights

Dubai UAE

Canal Bridge project

Essex UK

100,000+ lights

Doncaster UK

45,000 lights

Leicestershire UK

50,000+ lights

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