Telensa – Smart Cities. Now.

Telensa makes wireless smart city control systems, including the worlds most deployed smart streetlight solution. The company, founded in 2005, was formerly part of renowned electronic design consultancy Plextek, whose wireless technology is used in medical, security, tracking and smart metering applications.

Telensa PLANet is the market-leading Central Management System (CMS) for smart streetlights, with over 50 city and regional networks deployed in 8 countries and a project footprint covering over 1 million streetlights. A bi-directional radio-enabled system that allows full control and monitoring of street lighting across a wide area, PLANet pays
for itself in lower energy and maintenance costs, and it future-proofs LED investments by providing ongoing adaptation of local lighting levels.

Telensa’s Smart Parking reduces congestion, enforcement costs and driver frustration. The solution includes some of the world’s largest deployments such as Moscow and Shenzhen.

Fundamental to Telensa’s success is its Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) radio system, which has the unique combination of low cost, long range, long battery life and 2-way communication for massive numbers of devices. With over 9 million devices across 30 countries using UNB, it is easy to see why it is fast becoming the deployment standard for smart city control applications.

By deploying a Telensa smart city solution, the city also acquires its very own dedicated smart city network. This enables authorities to take control of their smart city strategy by adding new wireless sensors and by monetising new applications.

Taking a different path from the proprietary LPWA ecosystems of firms like Semtech LoRa, Sigfox, Ingenu and Silver Spring, Telensa is helping to drive the open standards in LPWA networks, including through the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Together with industry leaders including ARM and Accenture, Telensa is a board member of the Weightless Special Interest Group (SIG). ETSI and the Wireless SIG are the only two standards bodies that have developed IoT specific standards for unlicensed spectrum based on UNB technology. In order to enable critical mass in the marketplace, the Weightless SIG has partnered with ETSI, to reduce fragmentation and to provide a platform around which industry can coalesce (

Driving standards and common industry approaches

Standardising lighting management interfaces

Standardising LPWA wireless technology