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Director of Manufacturing

Telensa is a leading company in technology for the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.  We have more smart city devices globally, than any other company.  Our products are enabling cities from Atlanta, Georgia to Wellington, NZ to significantly lower their carbon footprint and improve the lives of citizens. 

Building on our #1 smart city position, we are developing a new line of products that will revolutionise the outdoor environment.  By using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence we are enabling new ways for cities, enterprises and consumers to interact.

Telensa won the 2017 Amazon award for the Growing Business of the Year. Telensa was also named in the 2017 Global Cleantech 100 ones to Watch list. In 2018 Telensa was awarded two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: International Trade and Innovation.

Purpose and Scope

This position is to lead the team which manages Telensa’s internal and external manufacturing operations.  This team consists of software and systems engineers, production technicians and administrators.

Telensa subcontracts most of its volume manufacturing to a contract electronic manufacturer (CEM) based in the UK.  We have developed our own sophisticated hardware and software systems which are used by us and by the CEM to control the manufacturing, test and distribution processes.  We also manufacture lower volume products and prototype products in-house.

The principal responsibilities of this role include:

  •  To ensure the timely availability of product to satisfy Sales requirements.
  • To be the primary interface between Telensa and our external manufacturing partners for all production procurement and documentation purposes.  The holder of this role will typically have had experience in a manufacturing, purchasing or quality role.  This role encompasses purchasing, supplier management, scheduling and documentation control.
  •  To proactively identify and implement cost and efficiency improvements throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes.
  •  To oversee the continuing development and maintenance of the Telensa-developed manufacturing systems.


Key Accountabilities and Role Outputs

The holder of this position will be responsible for translating sales forecasts and orders into procurement instructions to our suppliers, will manage the manufacturing schedules and priorities and will be responsible for maintaining and issuing accurate manufacturing documentation through liaison with our design partners and internal development functions.  This role also encompasses scheduling of our internal manufacturing processes and management of the inventory required to support that.

Tasks to be undertaken include:

  • Regular contact with the CEM to agree schedules, monitor progress and issues.
  •  Working with Sales and the CEM to maintain a just-in-time supply chain with minimal stock holding.
  •  Issuing information to the CEM as required, including build schedules, build standard information, purchase orders etc.
  • Managing problem resolution both within Telensa and externally, involving other departments as required.
  • Maintaining good records of all interactions.
  • Performing supplier audits.
  • Handling rollout of new product and changes to existing products.
  • Understanding our product structure and working with CEM to achieve the required flexibility.
  • Continuously looking for supply chain improvements and negotiating their implementation.
  • Checking and approving CEM invoices.
  • Managing long lead time component forecasts and liabilities.
  • Maintaining adherence to ISO9001 quality procedures.


Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experience 

  •  Experience of liaising and negotiating with contract electronic manufacturers.
  •  Good understanding of electronic product design documentation structures.
  • Excellent experience in supply chain management.
  •  Proficient with MS Excel.
Application process

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