Global LED and Smart Street Lighting Market Forecast (2017-2027)

Northeast Group (excerpt November 2017)

In the past few years, smart streetlights have progressed from a nascent market to established early deployments of smart city infrastructure. Cities have embraced the technology and diverse vendors have entered the market, increasing the momentum for smart cities.

LED and smart streetlights have clear positive business cases. They help cities drastically reduce energy use and maintenance costs, while opening up possibilities for new sensors and applications. Cities are quickly realizing their street lighting infrastructure is a critical asset that will enable a host of new smart city applications.

In this study excerpt, licenced by Telensa, you’ll discover:

  • Why connected street lighting is the first mass-scale smart city application
  • What are the top 8 smart city applications that are enabled by smart street lighting
  • The 10-year global growth forecast for LED and connected streetlights
Global LED and Smart Street Lighting document cover
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