At the IES Street and Area Lighting Conference in Hollywood this week, City Engineer Wayne S. Martin presented a case study of the recently completed project to switch Harrisburg to connected LED streetlights. Harrisburg is the Pennsylvania state capital and opted for the connected system to reduce maintenance costs, save energy, improve service and future proof their lighting system.

Case Study: Harrisburg Connected LED Streetlights Project from Keith Day

Municipalities around the world are switching to LED street lighting.  Increasingly these projects include wireless connectivity and central control to increase energy savings and reduce maintenance costs. Central control enables lighting levels to be refined over time, in response to events, and also enables “smart city” sensor integration.

The presentation covered all of the major elements of the project, including:

  • initial investment-grade audit by The Efficiency Network
  • business case for switching to connected LEDs
  • citizen engagement program throughout the project
  • deployment and data integration process
  • benefits of combining LEDs with long-range central control from Telensa
  • plans for adding more sensors and automation