Light + Building, which starts this weekend in Frankfurt, is the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology. Amongst more than 200,000 attendees are architects, designers, planners, engineers and artisans. Outdoor lighting plays a major part, and this year Telensa is supporting fellow members of the TALQ Consortium in Hall 5.0 Booth D30. The TALQ Consortium was founded by leading lighting control industry players, and aims to set a globally accepted standard for management software interfaces to control and monitor heterogeneous outdoor lighting networks.

TALQ at Light_Building

Standards are important. They accelerate market growth by enabling easy collaboration and by driving down costs through global economies of scale. In the internet of things (IoT), some standards are understandably hot:

  • Standards that help to make the flow of data from diverse systems interoperable, such as HyperCat.
  • Standards to harmonise the efficient wireless technologies that connect smart city devices, such as ETSI’s work on Ultra-Narrow-Band radio (UNB).

But you don’t hear much about standards that are designed for specific vertical industries, yet most IoT and smart city applications evolve from complex and long-established vertical ecosystems. Look at the world’s more than 300million streetlights, a major energy cost for all cities and a vertical undergoing rapid change. Switching to LED can cut energy use by 40% and adding smart controls at the same time can save a further 30%. TALQ is driving standards for interoperability within this dynamic vertical market to make sure that the extra 30% is easily achievable and to future-proof the investment in LED technology.

TALQ also provides a Partner Program for cities, municipalities, utilities and consultants to contribute to the future of smart outdoor lighting. The TALQ Consortium generates answers to the main challenges of outdoor lighting such as reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide, increasing cost efficiency and accelerating the introduction of LED luminaires in road and urban lighting

This week 

TALQ Postcard
  • How to assure a future-proof outdoor lighting system
  • What are the right features to maximize energy savings
  • How to avoid vendor lock-in.

The Pocket Guide for Smart Lighting Tenders is inspired by outdoor lighting network tenders issued by major cities across the world. You can pick up a printed copy from the TALQ booth at Light+Building.

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