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Exhibiting & Speaking 1 - 4 April 2019 Denver, Colorado

Come and meet our team at booth 408 to learn how our smart street lighting system provides a clear business case for cities.

Don’t miss these talks on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 2 at 2 pm – Room 104/106
Starting with Smart Streetlights, How Can City Leaders Take Control of their Urban Data Assets?

Urban data is the mosaic of street-by-street, minute-by-minute information that makes up a city’s digital twin. This data is incredibly valuable for designing better city infrastructure, delivering more efficient city services, and making everything more transparent to empower citizens. It is also a potentially valuable source of city revenues. But the use of urban data has been limited by two barriers. The first is the cost of single-purpose sensors and the related cost of moving video data to the cloud. But the main problem has been one of trust – how can the Chief Data Officer apply best-practice policies to the data, and provide transparency to citizens on how that data is protected and used?

Jack Hanley, VP Sales North America, Telensa (moderator) (@telensa)
Bill Wilson, Data & Analytics Capability Lead, Kainos (@kainossoftware)
Jon Lewis, VP Urban Data, Telensa (@telensa)
Ben Gardner, CEO, Northeast Group (@northeast_group)

Wednesday, April 3 at 9:35 am – Bellco Theatre
The Role of AI in the Rise of Smart Cities

Experts have forecasted the transformative effects of machine to machine (M2M) learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Fast forward to 2019 and here we are. AI is the disruptive technology that was predicted – you can see the impacts on education, jobs, financial markets and emerging services for residents. This panel of city and technology leaders will share their experiences and plans to implement AI solutions into their urban operations. Some of the key discussion topics will include; How can artificial intelligence be used in smart cities? How will AI systems be deployed? What are the benefits and risks of AI? Will everybody get access to artificial intelligence?

Chelsea Collier,
Editor-at-Large, Smart Cities Connect Media & Research (moderator) (@smartcityc)
Petra Dalunde, Chief Operating Officer, Urban ICT Arena (Sweden) (@urbanictarena)
Stephen Elkins, Chief Information Officer, City of Austin (@austintexasgov)
Jon Lewis, VP Urban Data, Telensa (@telensa)


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