Making brighter cities

Smart Lighting Tech

Exhibiting & Speaking 14 - 15 March 2023 Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

Lighting accounts for almost 20% of electricity consumption and 6% of CO2 emissions worldwide. Streetlighting in particular accounts for 15% of the global power consumption, 5% of the greenhouse emissions & 40% of the electricity bills at a municipal level.

Shifting to energy efficient lighting solutions

Energy Efficient lighting solutions have been recognised as one of the most actionable and ready-to-implement technologies for cities to transition to lower energy emission economies. Thus, Smart lighting market is exponentially growing with new innovations and associated solutions arising every day. Additionally, new smart integrated lighting solutions arise every day, extending the horizon of lighting solutions beyond only providing light.

As part of Signify, Telensa will be exhibiting its leading edge smart street lighting solutions and speaking at this pivotal smart lighting technology event in the United Arab Emirates.

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