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Hyped smart cities market finally arrives with $64bn streetlight opportunity

New study highlights opportunities in LED and connected "smart" street lighting

In the past few years, smart streetlights have progressed from a nascent market to established early deployments of smart city infrastructure. Cities have embraced the technology and diverse vendors have entered the market, increasing the momentum for smart cities. Over the next decade, the vast majority of streetlights will be converted to LEDs, while 29% will be networked to become “smart,” leading to investment of $64.2bn, according to the 4th edition of the *Global LED and Smart Street Lighting: Market Forecast (2017-2027)* study published today by Northeast Group, LLC.

“Smart street lighting represents the next wave of large-scale smart city and IoT deployments after smart metering and smart grid investment over the past decade,” said Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group. “As new smart city applications emerge, the number of players involved has increased. New communications options are bringing many telecom operators into the smart city space. They are joining established smart grid and lighting vendors who have already deployed millions of smart streetlights.”

LED and smart streetlights have clear positive business cases. They help cities drastically reduce energy use and maintenance costs, while opening up possibilities for new sensors and applications. Cities are quickly realizing their street lighting infrastructure is a critical asset that will enable a host of new smart city applications. Northeast Group’s study includes cost-benefit analyses, 13 case studies, vendor profiles and 10-year forecasts for 125 individual countries. The research is intended for both cities looking to better understand smart street lighting benefits and vendors looking for market opportunities.

Hundreds of vendors are active in this market and a few clear leaders have emerged. According to the study’s market share data, current leaders are Telensa, Silver Spring Networks, Philips Lighting, and Echelon. Other leading smart streetlight vendors include Acuity, AT&T, Cimcon, Datek, DimOnOff, Flashnet, GE, Harvard Technology, Huawei, LED Roadway, Schréder, Sensus, Telematics, Trilliant and Verizon.

Northeast Group’s *Global LED and Smart Street Lighting: Market Forecast (2017 – 2027) Volume IV* study is 158 pages long and comes with an executive summary presentation and dataset in Excel covering 125 individual countries. To order a copy of the study, please visit: