Making brighter cities

Mexican municipality, Solidaridad, to benefit from a combined smart streetlight solution from Telensa and Traffic Light

Telensa the global leader in connected streetlight solutions, and now a Signify company, has been awarded a contract to provide its smart streetlight solution to the Mexican municipality of Solidaridad. Appointed by Traffic Light, the municipality’s urban planning consultancy and contractor, Telensa’s smart streetlight solution will be deployed across an initial 4,000 streetlights in the municipal seat of Playa del Carmen.

As specialists in the design and implementation of lighting solutions for cities, Traffic Light has awarded Telensa the contract to help them deliver energy and operational efficiencies to the municipality, to create savings for the city and improve environmental well-being.

Telensa’s smart streetlight software, named PLANet™, will feed into Traffic Light’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) from where data analytics optimise services for residents and visitors. Control nodes, known as ‘Telecells’ installed on each streetlight luminaire will communicate wirelessly back to the PLANet software to provide deeper understanding of the way the municipality’s lights are performing. In return each luminaire can be controlled and programmed via the central software individually, as part of a group program on a group of lights or programmed as a whole across the entire estate. As a result, the 305,000 residents of Playa del Carmen will benefit from a greener, more efficient and responsive streetlight service.

Jorge Ávila, commercial manager of Signify in Mexico: “Every year the population in large cities increases and the demand for services and resources grows. Thanks to the authority´s vision, Traffic Light experience, and to our Telensa system, today we can optimize energy consumption, reduce operating costs and improve the lives of the 350,000 inhabitants of Solidaridad.”

As a data-expert company Traffic Light were attracted to the Telensa UniConnect feature which is a set of open interfaces (APIs) ensuring interoperable working and data flows between different systems.

Gustavo Rios Founder and General Manager, Traffic Light said: Our municipalities rely on us to work hard in the background for the benefit of their citizens. We were impressed by Telensa’s vast knowledge and experience which came through clearly when they were demonstrating their system. Their global deployments, rich-data technology and reputation as pioneers meant they were an obvious fit for our new Playa del Carmen streetlight platform”.

Traffic Lights manage over 300,000 lights and their new smart streetlight platform is easily scalable across Solidaridad and beyond.  As an existing Signify customer, Traffic Light is rapidly introducing the Telensa smart streetlight technology to their installed base.