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Solidaridad’s Smart Shift: Advanced Streetlighting control system for a Greener, Safer Community.

Check out Solidaridad's journey to smarter, more sustainable street lighting with our advanced technology!

Customer Challenge

The primary challenge faced by Solidaridad, as addressed through its contractor Traffic Light, was the need for enhanced energy and operational efficiencies in street lighting.

This requirement was particularly pressing in light of the increasing population and consequent escalation in demand for services and resources in urban areas like Playa del Carmen. The municipality was driven by dual objectives: generating cost savings for the city and fostering environmental well-being, both of which were critical in the context of rapid urban expansion.


In response to these challenges, Telensa introduced its PLANet™ software, a smart streetlight system designed to integrate seamlessly with Traffic Light’s Network Operations Centre (NOC). This integration allows for advanced data analytics, optimizing services for both residents and visitors. The implementation involved installing ‘Telecells’, control nodes on each streetlight luminaire, facilitating wireless communication and providing insights into the performance of the municipality’s lights.

Furthermore, the system offered unprecedented control, enabling individual, grouped, or estate- wide programming of the luminaires. An integral component of this solution was the Telensa UniConnect feature, offering open interfaces (APIs) for interoperable functionality and efficient data flow between various systems.



The deployment resulted in significant benefits for Playa del Carmen’s 305,000 residents, leading to a greener, more efficient, and responsive streetlight service.

Traffic Light recognized Telensa’s experience and technology as crucial in establishing their new smart streetlight platform. The solution’s scalability is showcased by its potential expansion across Solidaridad and integration into Traffic Light’s existing infrastructure of over 300,000 lights.


“Their global deployments, rich-data technology and reputation as pioneers meant Telensa were an obvious fit for our new Playa del Carmen streetlight platform.”

— Gustavo Rios Founder and General Manager, Traffic Light.



Through the implementation of Telensa’s smart streetlight solution, Solidaridad achieved:

  • Enhanced energy and operational efficiency in street lighting.
  • reduction in operating costs and optimization of energy consumption.
  • Improved service provision for residents, with capabilities for individual and collective control of streetlights.
  • Scalable and flexible lighting solutions, adaptable to future urban development needs.

This project not only delivered immediate benefits in terms of cost savings and environmental impact but also set a precedent for future smart city initiatives, demonstrating the effectiveness of Telensa’s technology in urban infrastructure development.