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Telensa first to demonstrate that the open standard protocol, TALQ2, enables interoperability at scale

In a world-first and working with a large US energy utility in Georgia, Telensa has demonstrated how its market-leading smart streetlight management platform is able to incorporate other smart streetlighting networks and control nodes built on different technologies to provide one overarching, technology-agnostic management platform.

As part of a multi-vendor procurement strategy, the US energy company uses a mix of underlying smart streetlight technologies to support it on its smart city journey. Telensa has been working to integrate these different approaches into its market-leading Central Management System (CMS), PLANet®, to provide the utility with one powerful and scalable platform capable of managing its entire streetlighting estate.

Telensa’s market-leading Central Management System, PLANet® is a software platform which configures, orchestrates and monitors entire streetlight systems. The TALQ protocol is an open standard providing a specification for the way that information is exchanged between smart lighting systems. Systems using the standard have been slow to come to market and until now haven’t been proven at large scale.

Telensa has proven that the vision behind TALQ can be realized in real life rather than simply in a test environment.  Organizations, such as cities, municipalities, councils and energy companies, have the confidence that their central management software is now future proof and that it enables them to avoid lock-in to a single vendor.

The integration project covers hundreds of thousands of streetlights and connected devices. Successful completion means PLANet has proven its role as a robust, but versatile, Central Management System able to provide the interoperability needed to manage a smart network using multiple vendors and network technologies at scale.

Andy Gowen, CEO, Telensa said: “Telensa’s work with this leading energy company shows that PLANet works seamlessly with any TALQ-compliant outdoor network from different vendors. PLANet provides an open platform for innovation and a common language for smart streetlighting and wider applications fostering competition in the marketplace”.

Andy added: “The announcement today effectively disaggregates the CMS from the underlying network technology. We expect PLANet to become the de facto interface for managing any number of smart networks and corresponding sensors and devices, confirming PLANet’s place as the industry standard CMS and the ideal launchpad for lighting and other smart city applications”.

An early pioneer of TALQ, Telensa has been involved with the specification of this open protocol from the outset. Today’s announcement validates the power of the TALQ standard by putting it to the test in the real-world.

TALQ certification is part of Telensa’s UniConnect capability combining APIs and interoperable interfaces with TALQ certification to put the customer first.