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Telensa joins TALQ Consortium to support interoperability of street lighting networks

CAMBRIDGE, UK, September 5, 2012: Telensa, the market-leading ‘smart’ street lighting technology company, announced today that is has become a Regular Member of the TALQ Consortium ( TALQ is a global consortium set up by companies from the lighting industry, with the aim of creating a globally accepted open standard for a management software interface for outdoor lighting networks.

Telensa is a leading provider of Central Management Systems (CMS) for the remote control and monitoring of street lighting, supplying to many local authorities and contractors who are deploying its solution across large populations of street lights.

CMS is now recognised as an essential part of street lighting that helps deliver improved operating efficiency and significant energy savings,” according to Will Gibson, director, Telensa Ltd. “The use of CMS within street lighting has grown widely over the last few years and as the industry matures it is now the right time to introduce standards. The TALQ consortium presents an exciting opportunity to help drive CMS adoption further into global markets, to the benefit of outdoor lighting owners and operators.

I’m happy that Telensa, as a well-known supplier of lighting telemanagement systems, recognizes the clear benefits of a globally accepted standard for the management interface of outdoor lighting networks,” said Gerard Lokhoff, the TALQ Consortium’s Secretary General. “Telensa joining helps to ensure availability of a full range of TALQ-based products to choose from once the specification is ready for implementation.

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