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Telensa Named Global #1 in Smart Street Lighting

New report ranks Telensa ahead of Silver Spring, GE, Philips and Echelon, in a vertical IoT market worth $12.6bn by 2026

Smart City Expo, Barcelona & Cambridge, UK – 15th November 2016 – Telensa, the leader in connected street lighting and Smart City applications, has been named as the global market leader in a comprehensive study of the smart streetlighting market by Northeast Group LLC, analysing today’s market and forecasting to 2026. The research details how the streetlighting market is set to be a driving force in the Internet of Things (IoT), with investments of $57bn for LED streetlights and $12.6bn for “smart” connected streetlights by 2026. It also predicts that by then, 89% of streetlights will have transitioned to LED and 42% will be networked to make them smart. The research named Telensa as the global market share leader, and by far the leader in the EMEA region.

Telensa’s PLANet smart lighting system runs on Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) – a type of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless network.  Unlike other systems that rely on complex mesh networks or costly cellular connections, UNB provides simple deployment, low lifetime costs and decades of trouble-free operation. This contributes to a compelling business case – a system that quickly pays for itself in energy and maintenance savings. Once deployed, the UNB network provides a free platform for cities to add other sensor and control applications.

“LED and smart streetlights are a common sense investment for cities. Costs have fallen significantly and the energy and maintenance savings benefits are proven. Networked “smart” streetlights help cities further reduce costs with their dimming capabilities and reduced maintenance costs. As the costs for networked streetlights also rapidly decline, these smart streetlights will find a growing role in cities and municipalities across the globe,” according to Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group.

“With a deployment footprint of well over a million lights, more and more cities and utilities are choosing Telensa to connect, control and “smarten” their choice of LED luminaires,” said Will Gibson, CEO of Telensa. “Our success is based on a powerful technology platform that has been deployment-proven at scale and is supported by a sound underlying business case. As the company that has total focus on “streetlight-centric” Smart City applications, we are delighted to be recognised for our global market share leadership.”

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About Telensa

Telensa makes wireless smart city control applications, including PLANet, the world’s most widely deployed smart streetlight solution with a global footprint of over one million lights across five continents. Based on a compelling business case with proven scalability, Telensa’s solutions also provide a low-cost platform to add multiple city-wide sensor applications.

Fundamental to Telensa’s success is its Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) radio system, which has the unique combination of low cost, long range, long battery life and 2-way communication for massive numbers of devices. Recent case studies include:

Telensa is exhibiting at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona on November 15th-17th 2016 on the UK DIT stand – HAll 2, E507.