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Telensa wins ‘Cleantech Business of the Year’ in prestigious Business Weekly Awards

Telensa’s wireless street light central management system has enabled scores of UK local authorities to cut energy bills and reduce carbon emissions

Telensa’s commercial progress in last 12 months a key factor in winning the award

CAMBRIDGE, England, March 21, 2014: Telensa, the ‘smart’ wireless street lighting technology company, has won ‘Cleantech Business of the Year’ in the 24th annual Business Weekly Awards, the UK’s premier regional business-to-business (B2B) competition.

Judges commended Telensa for its commercial progress and the energy saving capability of its low power wireless street light central management system (CMS).

Will Gibson, co-founder and managing director of Telensa, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to win this award. We are particularly pleased as the judges were looking at our commercial progress – last year our sales grew by 20% to £8m – as well as our cleantech credentials.

We are now the UK market leader and our street lighting technology has been adopted by scores of UK local authorities enabling them to significantly cut energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. Our system is installed in hundreds of thousands of street lights across the East of England including Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough.

The Business Weekly Awards attract a large number of entries as they are open to organisations of all sizes and from every business sector across the East of England, an area renowned for its high tech cluster centred on Cambridge. The gala dinner and awards ceremony took place this week at Queen’s College, Cambridge.

Presenting Telensa with its award, Stuart Newman, a PwC senior partner in Cambridge, said: “Telensa is a really great company with fantastic technology. It’s already the UK market leader in low power wireless street lighting control and is now breaking into major new markets internationally after strong growth in 2013.

Building on its UK market leading position, Telensa is also making headway in important global markets such as Brazil, Mexico, the United States and Australia. Most recently, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission said it was trialling the system in two city locations.

Telensa’s PLANet (Public Lighting Active Network) system uses patented ultra-narrow band (UNB) wireless technology to accurately control switching and dimming of street lights. It also measures energy and detects faulty street lights and helps public authorities to deliver improved maintenance and significant savings on energy bills.