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Telensa’s smart streetlights to launch in Hong Kong

Telensa PLANet is the world’s most popular connected streetlight system. With deployments from London to Dubai and from Wellington to Atlanta, our smart streetlighting is now being piloted in Hong Kong.

From streetlights to smart lights

The Highways Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) has selected Telensa to replace 600 streetlights in Yuen Long. It’s part of a pilot scheme to gradually introduce more sophisticated and intelligent lighting systems to the entire region’s urban infrastructure. The scheme, led by engineering services group South King-Kum Shing JV, starts with implementing our PLANet intelligent lighting system in the New Territories community of Yuen Long.

Illuminating technology…

Telensa PLANet is a mass-scale city application that meets the demands of sectors looking to keep costs low and energy consumption lower. That’s no small ask when you’re providing city-wide illumination for a population of around 148,000 people. It takes the shape of a central management application that operates end-to-end smart streetlighting. Wireless nodes connect individual lights across a dedicated network that’s exclusive to the city. This network also puts in place the infrastructure necessary for rolling out future smart city applications. Telensa PLANet is an investment that pays for itself. Both in its terms of service and future-proof longevity.

The future for Yuen Long

How will Yuen Long benefit? Telensa PLANet acts as a building block for the next step in smart city integration. It’s an intuitive system that gathers data on environmental conditions such as air pollution and can monitor traffic flow. Any faults in the lighting network are automatically reported.

A former market town with a thriving central shopping precinct, Yuen Long’s aim is to reconfigure its operational capabilities for increasing population density. Think data management that informs city leaders about how products and services are used. Monitoring parking or providing information on rubbish collections or traffic congestion, smart city applications make for an energy efficient and economical approach to service management. With HKSARG choosing our PLANet lighting system, they’re laying the foundations for a regenerative process with our low-cost UNB network.

“We’re delighted to be working with our partners, the Highways Department of the HKSARG and South King-Kum Shing JV to pilot an efficient, resilient and smart street lighting system for Hong Kong, one that will be responsive to citizens’ needs for decades to come,” said Will Gibson, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Telensa. “We’re looking forward to working together in future on low-cost smart city applications, enabled by the city’s lighting network.”