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What Green Switch can do for your city?

Signify’s Green Switch program has been designed to help local authorities in consulting, auditing, and exploring funding and financing opportunities for advanced lighting solutions that make public lighting more energy-efficient and create cities that are fit for the future. Telensa is proud to be a part of this initiative, specializing in the provision of innovative smart streetlight control systems.


At Telensa, Our team of system experts leverages extensive knowledge and experience to facilitate the installation, commissioning, and management of connected streetlighting systems. Since 2005, Telensa has successfully connected over 2.5 million streetlights worldwide, assisting more than 400 cities and local authorities to transition their lighting systems to advanced connected streetlighting solutions.


Achieving Your Energy Efficiency Targets with Green Switch

Municipalities are crucial players in climate action, with cities consuming approximately 78% of the world’s energy and accounting for over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. Street lighting alone can account for up to 40% of a municipality’s electricity budget. By focusing on public lighting needs, significant advancements in energy efficiency can be realized.

How much can making the Green Switch save annually?

Leverage Global Decarbonization Incentives

Whether it’s complying with the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive or taking advantage of the U.S. 179D tax deduction for energy-efficient installations, Telensa’s solutions position your city to benefit from global sustainability incentives. Our connected streetlighting systems are designed to meet stringent environmental standards, helping you achieve compliance and secure financial incentives that lower the cost of green initiatives.


Build a Safer, Smarter, and More Sustainable City

Beyond energy efficiency, Telensa’s connected streetlighting infrastructure serves as the backbone for a multitude of smart city applications. From enhancing public safety through better-lit streets to improving the overall quality of life for residents, our technology fosters a safer, more engaging urban environment. Furthermore, our systems support the integration of future smart city technologies, ensuring your city remains adaptable and forward-thinking.


Learn More About Our Smart City Solutions

Discover the full range of benefits that connected streetlighting can bring to your city. Our detailed brochure provides insights into how our tailored solutions can help you build a truly sustainable and smart urban landscape, download here.

Embrace the future of city lighting with Telensa and the Green Switch program—where technology meets sustainability.

Discover the Signify Green Switch Program

For detailed information of Signify Green Switch program, please visit Green Switch | Signify.