Connected street lighting: the first mass-scale smart city application?

Learn how the $64bn streetlighting market is changing and why connected LED is driving smart city projects from pilot to mass-scale.

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Future-proof your investment in LED streetlights with Telensa PLANet

The world’s #1 application, deployed in over 80 cities, provides lifetime local control and pays for itself with energy and maintenance savings. And the city gets a multi-purpose wireless IoT network for free.

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Choose the right wireless smart city network: Telensa Ultra-Narrow-Band

It covers cities in days and with millions of devices deployed worldwide, Telensa’s 2-way UNB connects sensors and controls infrastructure, at a cost point that works for smart city projects.

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Telensa Ranked 4th in Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100

Smart City Technology Firm Recognised among Top UK Exporters Following Rapid Global Growth Cambridge, 26th February 2018 – Telensa, the global leader in connected street lighting and Smart City applications, has been ranked 4th in the annual Sunday Times Lloyds SME...

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Telensa Triumphs at Amazon Growing Business Awards 2017

Smart City Firm Named Growing Business of the Year at Prestigious Awards Cambridge, UK – 30 November 2017 - Telensa, the global leader in connected street lighting and Smart City applications, today announced that it has been named as Growing Business of the Year with...

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Telensa PLANet: wireless lighting control optimised for Smart Cities

The world is converting to energy-efficient LED street lighting, which is whiter, brighter and more adjustable. Telensa PLANet future-proofs LED investments with centralised automation of local light levels and utility grade real-time energy reporting. The solution pays for itself in energy and maintenance savings and provides a low-cost platform for more IoT applications, keeping the city in control.
Telensa PLANet


  • Discreet – looks like a regular photocell
  • Flexible – all variants fixture independent
  • Accurate – utility-grade metering and GPS
  • Resilient – works normally without network

Base station

  • Long range radio – up to 6 miles from light pole
  • Compact – laptop-sized case
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Capacity 5,000 telecells
  • Low-cost internet connection

Central system

  • Cloud-hosted secure system
  • Complete control & map view
  • Scales to city, region or utility lighting populations
  • Integrates to other systems

World #1 in wireless outdoor lighting control

  • 1 million telecells in 8 countries
  • Wide-area wireless: range up to 6 miles
  • Major city coverage in 2 days
  • Works with all leading manufacturers

The business-case-first path to sustainable IoT

Streetlights are an ideal place for sensors, and they are easily integrated into Telensa’s PLANet soluton. With Telensa, connected streetlights can become a low-cost sensory network taking the pulse of the entire city. The Telensa UNB network is ideal for adding additional applications such as parking or asset tracking. Unlike adapting short-range mesh or cellular networks for these applications, Telensa’s low-cost UNB network means that cities can deploy with a compelling business case from the outset. The Telensa Smart City API enables sensor and application data to be harnessed by a range of smart city applications, enabling better operational planning and more informed decision-making by city leaders.

Telensa Ultra-Narrow-Band (UNB) – the application-proven Smart City network

Telensa UNB is the most deployed type of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network, with over 9 million devices using it today. LPWA wireless networks are ideal for IoT applications because they are free from the high costs of cellular and the operational complexity of mesh networks. LPWA combines low cost, simple deployment and the long-term stability of unlicensed spectrum in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) frequency bands. The natural strengths of LPWA for smart city applications has sparked a rush of companies to enter the market. Telensa is different. We have ten years experience of deploying networks and we are the only provider to provide our UNB network as part of an integrated app-to-device solution, when other companies produce component fragments. We are also a leading player in the ETSI standards body and a board member of the Weightless SIG.

Driving standards and common industry approaches

Standardising lighting management interfaces
Standardising LPWA wireless technology


Not just pilots… millions of devices and more than 50 large-scale smart city networks commercially deployed today.