Telensa enables city authorities to take control of their Smart City applications

The smart city IoT market is awash with pilot applications looking for a business case, Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless networks waiting for a critical mass of devices, and vendors hoping for a path to profit. It doesn’t have to be like this. With Telensa there are no network rental charges and the whole city is covered in days – not just the downtown areas. Best of all, it is the city that retains control of the network and its long-term monetisation.

  • Streetlights are an ideal place for sensors, and they are easily integrated into Telensa’s PLANet solution. With Telensa, connected streetlights can become a low-cost sensory network taking the pulse of the entire city.
  • The Telensa UNB network is ideal for adding additional applications such as parking or asset tracking. Unlike adapting short-range mesh or cellular networks for these applications, Telensa’s low-cost UNB network means that cities can deploy with a compelling business case from the outset.
  • The Telensa Smart City API enables sensor and application data to be harnessed by a range of smart city applications, enabling better operational planning and more informed decision-making by city leaders.

Telensa is already engaging with a range of cities and technology providers to develop the next generation of economically viable wireless smart city applications. If you have a smart city project or idea that might suit Telensa wireless then we’d like to talk.