Making brighter cities

Bespoke smart streetlight solutions where technology is on your side

Our ‘hybrid network’ approach, combined with our 'UniConnect' capability, always puts the customer first.

As part of Signify, Telensa has a complete connectivity solution with a comprehensive portfolio of private radio and cellular technologies. Customers benefit from our hybrid network approach which puts the customer’s unique environment at the heart of network design.

Not constrained by technology choice, our smart streetlight network deployments are customised around the specific needs of each deployment and include a bespoke network design every time.

Our technical systems engineers and network planners draw on our suite of radio and cellular technologies, control nodes and sensing devices to meet your exact needs.


Increasingly, PLANet needs to work in asset rich environments and alongside other IT or asset management systems. Customers need seamless integration, the ability to work straight out-of-the-box and protection from vendor lock-in. Telensa provides councils with an open, future-proof and easily integrated platform for managing their streetlights.

Telensa UniConnect combines APIs, TALQ compliance and interoperable interfaces to support the overall lighting solution so it can be managed as one.

UniConnect includes a modular ADOPTION capability which intelligently integrates other devices, networks and sensors.

Telensa’s hybrid network approach and UniConnect feature creates bespoke smart streetlight solutions where technology is on your side.

UniConnect includes

  • Open interfaces that are pre-integrated with the day-to-day systems in use by lighting managers such as workflow, asset management and building management systems
  • Open interfaces which provide customers the ability to mix different network technologies on the same CMS system
  • Open interfaces to enable advanced smart city features and future smart city integration such as traffic adaptive lighting and air quality monitoring
  • TALQ CMS interfaces which mean PLANet manages and controls not only Telensa control nodes but also control nodes from other third-party vendors. PLANet is the only outdoor lighting management system that uses TALQ at scale with third party products. This ability to orchestrate entire streetlight deployments from more than one vendor is part of what sets PLANet apart. The native interoperability built-in to PLANet gives customers vendor independence and avoids supplier lock-in.

Telensa deployed wireless controls on outdoor street and parking area lighting at the NEC exhibition centre in Birmingham, UK. The project, covering a 652-acre site, included integration with the NEC’s Building Management System from Demma. “The Telensa API allowed Demma, using their Integrator software, to quickly and seamlessly integrate the Telensa timezones and schedules into the existing BMS system at the NEC site. This allowed the site staff to use the existing BMS User Interface to control the Telensa system. Since the operators were used to the existing graphics and scheduling operations there was very little extra user training required. The system has now been in use for over 3 years with the Telensa API performing well. The customer has been happy with both the integration and performance’

Mark Hodge, Technical Director