mass-scale smart city tech

designed for decades

flexible open interfaces

Mass scale smart city technology

Telensa's success is built on controlling hundreds of thousands of streetlights across entire cities and regions, all with a clear business case. That demands a set of technologies that combine hyperlocal sensing over wide areas, minimal running costs and multi-decade reliability. These are exactly the requirements of smart city strategies as they emerge from small scale pilots into the commercial mainstream.

Flexible and open architecture

Telensa’s technology architecture is a result of ten years of working in partnership with cities and utilities across the world. We start with our foundation smart city application, mass-scale streetlight control, which has a proven business case. We know that every city has a different smart city strategy, and has its own preferred partner ecosystem. That’s why we offer open interfaces for sensors, networks, applications and data platforms – ensuring that Telensa is flexible catalyst for any city’s digitalization strategy.


Telensa Ultra Narrow Band (UNB)

Telensa UNB is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless network for things. It has been proven in street lighting control networks all over the world for more than a decade. This city-owned network is ideal for supporting smart city sense/control applications that generate small amounts of data. Telensa UNB provides long range, tiny power consumption, and relay mode for full coverage. All network infrastructure is mounted on light poles. Most importantly, UNB is mature cost-optimised technology with low lifetime costs that supports a mass-scale application business case.

Smart city standards

Telensa is committed to driving standardisation is all aspects of smart city technology. In street lighting, Telensa is a founder member of the TALQ consortium. In Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks, Telensa is working with the European Technical Standards Institute (ETSI) to standardise low throughput networks. It is also a founder member of ETSI’s City Digital Platform, working to create interoperable technology solutions for city leaders.