Choose the right wireless smart city network: Telensa Ultra-Narrow-Band

It covers cities in days and with millions of devices deployed worldwide, Telensa’s 2-way UNB connects sensors and controls infrastructure, at a cost point that works for smart city projects.

Telensa pioneered the use of ultra narrow band (UNB), a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) radio technology that operates in globally available licence-free and private bands to deliver smart city and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications worldwide. Our technology has been developed over many years and provides an ideal solution for IoT applications:

  • Fully bi-directional – for full control as well as monitoring.
  • Low cost – a handful of low-cost base stations combined with low-cost devices and no UNB data charges.
  • Uses licence-exempt radio spectrum within European, North American and most other global radio regulations, including the bands protected for Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) purposes.
  • Long range – making UNB suitable for urban, suburban and rural deployments, unlike short range mesh or Wi-Fi systems.
  • No reliance on other wireless networks – so will be available long into the future (unlike systems such as GSM).
  • Flexible communications – provides connection to individual units and broadcast to all units.
  • Already in use in high volume applications, including smart lighting, parking and tracking.

Telensa UNB already meets the stringent regulatory requirements for operating in licence-exempt spectrum around the world. And it is field tested: more than nine million UNB devices have already been deployed across 30 countries. Telensa also plays a leading role in the ongoing path to LPWA standards though the European Technical Standards Institute (ETSI). As well as communications technology Telensa develops solutions for specific sensing and control applications. We are the only company to offer complete end-to-end solutions for the high volume Smart City applications being deployed today.

Driving standards and common industry approaches

Standardising lighting management interfaces

Standardising LPWA wireless technology