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Telensa and Senaptic come together to build IoT future

Cambridge: Telensa, the market leader in smart street lighting with wireless network installations across the world, and Senaptic, which provides end-to-end solutions for smart cities, have joined forces. From today the combined company will operate under the name Telensa, building on its reputation as a company with real-world, large-scale experience in private network solutions that monetize opportunities in the IoT space.

The merger makes Telensa the only company providing multiple M2M applications including smart lighting and smart parking.

Will Gibson, Telensa CEO, said: “Our dominance of the UK market for smart street lighting has led to major new global engagements and our customers are inevitably looking to us to extend the range of IoT applications we offer. That is why combining Telensa with Senaptic’s smart city platform is so compelling. Our aim is to create an unassailable lead in the development and deployment of Wireless IoT systems.”

Jon Lewis, Telensa Director of Strategy, said: “It’s absolutely the right time to bring these two companies together. With Telensa’s networks now managing hundreds of thousands of active devices across cities and urban areas, we have a proven track record. We will provide a complete proposition for businesses and governments looking to create smart cities using secure networks. This is an exciting opportunity for the business and we’re looking forward to developing our combined offer in 2015.”

Fundamental to the success of Telensa’s offering is its Ultra Narrow Band system, developed over the last 17 years – the longest-range, low power wide area radio technology with an established track record in delivering robust and efficient IoT solutions. Telensa currently has active networks covering major UK cities and entire counties, with over 10% of UK street lights managed by its systems, and will now build on its existing portfolio to pursue opportunities across the world.

Senaptic and Telensa were both formed by respected technology provider Plextek to bring scale and vision to specific IoT opportunities and now count more than 8 million devices active in 30 countries including the US, Russia, Brazil, China and the UK. As the companies have grown, the opportunities to work together on smart city applications have increased.