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Telensa and Streetlight.Vision to deliver integrated best-of-breed solution to street lighting

CAMBRIDGE, England & PARIS, France: Telensa, the market-leading ‘smart’ wireless street lighting technology company and Streetlight.Vision, the leading central management software provider for ‘smart’ street light and ‘smart’ street solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to integrate their best-of-breed hardware and software systems.

The strategic collaboration will see the two companies’ engineering teams working together to interface Telensa’s PLANet (Public Lighting Active Network) system seamlessly with Streetlight.Vision’s central management software platform.

According to the companies, this partnership will provide street lighting and ‘smart’ grid operators with a compelling, cost-effective and interoperable street lighting management solution designed to significantly reduce energy bills and help meet government carbon emission targets.

Telensa is the UK’s leading ‘smart’ street light control company and its systems have been sold to over 25 UK local authorities to control and monitor over 600,000 street lights. Streetlight.Vision’s industry-leading software is the most widely adopted in the market and used by many cities across 15 countries, including Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and South America.

Christophe Orceau, general manager, Streetlight.Vision, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the UK’s leading ‘smart’ street lighting company to enable Streetlight.Vision end-users to control, command and monitor any luminaire equipped with a Telensa telecell.

We believe Telensa’s PLANet wireless system is an extremely reliable and cost-effective solution. Together, Telensa and Streetlight.Vision offer a compelling street light control system for any city wanting to drastically save energy and reduce maintenance costs on their street light networks.

Will Gibson, managing director, Telensa, said: “This partnership effectively brings together the best-of-breed in hardware and software for the street lighting controls industry. Furthermore, giving customers the option to use our radio products and infrastructure with Streetlight.Vision’s software is a positive commercial step for Telensa as Streetlight.Vision has a large installed worldwide customer base.”

Telensa’s PLANet system uses advanced ultra-narrow band wireless technology which differentiates it from other solutions on the market. Its telecells and dimming modules are fitted to street lights and these connect wirelessly to a base station which accommodates up to 5,000 telecells over a range of 2-3km (urban) and 5-8km (rural).

Many base stations can be deployed in a cellular architecture providing wide area coverage of a region supporting up to 150,000 lights in total. Base stations connect over a regular IP network to Telensa’s own central system server and user interface software, or to a third party such as Streetlight.Vision’s platform.

Streetlight.Vision’s open and interoperable central management software platform controls several powerline and radio-frequency technologies and provides the end-user with a unified web interface to control and monitor heterogeneous devices. Features include: automatic data collection, equipment inventory, user profile and access rights management, data mart, easy configuration and commissioning, alerts about street light failures including their identification and analysis, central alarm management, scheduling manager, real time control on maps and operating reports.

“We are looking forward to working with Streetlight.Vision and to having an integrated system in the near future,” added Will Gibson. “Interoperability is important to some of our customers and so our ability to interface with the market-leading central management software platform is vital, as is our on-going involvement in standards bodies such as the TALQ Consortium.”

Telensa and Streetlight.Vision are both members of the TALQ Consortium (, which is working for the standardisation of a management software interface for outdoor lighting networks.

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About Streetlight.Vision
Streetlight.Vision is the leading provider of central management software for ‘smart’ street light and ‘smart’ street applications. Streetlight.Vision provides solutions that save energy, reduce maintenance costs and leverage existing streetlight networks to collect environmental data and access remote control devices located in the street. Streetlight.Vision’s central management software has been adopted by many streetlight maintenance companies, ballast/luminaire manufacturers and cities in 15 countries. Streetlight.Vision’s central management software supports open and proprietary control systems to provide a unified web user interface, services, data and reports to the end-user whatever the underlying control and monitoring technology.