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Who we are

Telensa provides smart street lighting solutions helping cities, utilities and local government organisations around the world to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions. Telensa supports cities as they strive for greener, more liveable and safer neighbourhoods for all.

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The business case for smart streetlights

Smart streetlights create environmental, economic and social benefits for communities and their citizens and is a fast-track technology for reaching net zero.

Over a decade of smart streetlight deployments

0m+ streetlights
0+ cities
0+ networks
Selected customers
  • Georgia Power, Georgia, US
    369,000 streetlights
  • Essex, UK
    130,000 streetlights
  • Birmingham, UK
    107,000 streetlights
  • Wellington, NZ
    18,000 streetlights
  • Suffolk, UK
    65,000 streetlights
  • Leicestershire, UK
    71,000 streetlights
  • Central Europe
    250,000 citizens
  • Warwickshire, UK
    63,000 streetlights
  • Doncaster, UK
    47,000 streetlights
  • Edinburgh, UK
    45,000 streetlights
  • Cambridgeshire, UK
    45,000 streetlights
  • Hertfordshire, UK
    101,000 streetlights
  • Gloucestershire, UK
    68,000 streetlights

Telensa acquired by Signify to expand offering for smart cities

Under the terms of the deal, Telensa is now a Signify company and will continue to sell its systems under its own brand name.


City of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada embarks on energy-saving smart street lighting initiative with Telensa

Wireless solution part of a city-wide LED streetlight retrofit program that will improve road safety and achieve annual cost savings of $1 million

Telensa acquired by Signify to expand offering for smart cities